4/10/14 Christmas Tree Tax


Starting this month, the feds begin taxing Christmas.  Christmas trees to be more specific.

The Department of Agriculture created a “Christmas Tree Promotion Board” to promote the sales of natural Christmas trees.  USDA is charging 15 cents for every Christmas tree grown or imported into the US to pay for the government-mandated entity.

By the way, isn’t it odd that the same mindset that finds a Christmas tree to be a deeply offensive display of Christianity has found yet another way to grow government based on the sale of Christmas trees?

The USDA is implementing the tax due to “increased competition and changing consumer habits.”  In other words, artificial trees.

This is how it works. 

Growers and importers pay the tax and pass the cost onto consumers. The Christmas Tree Promotion Board spends money on advertisements paid for by people who buy real trees.  In order to convince everyone who buys artificial trees. Doesn’t use trees. Or don’t even celebrate Christmas.  That they should buy real trees.

Previous attempts to launch a Christmas tree marketing program failed because tree suppliers wouldn’t pay into it.  They didn’t see the need for it.  The free-market … at work.

Fortunately, government bureaucrats know more about Christmas trees than the people who actually grow, cut and sell them.  So … more regulations … more government … more taxes.

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