3/5/15 IRS Emails


The following may be shocking for those people who get their news exclusively from the networks, major newspapers, and most of the cable news channels.

A couple of years ago it was learned the IRS may have been used as a political weapon to target hundreds of conservative and Jewish non-profits.  Officials with White House ties may have been involved.

Lois Lerner, an IRS official at the center of the scandal, stormed out of a Congressional hearing refusing to testify.

Her emails were subpoenaed. 

This was answered with an unbelievable series of excuses.  Her emails were accidentally deleted.  Back-up tape drives disappeared.  Her computer hard drive destroyed.  As was her Blackberry.

Pretty much any electronic record of what Lerner wrote appeared to have disappeared off the face of the Earth.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress that countless man-hours were expended. But not a single email could be found.

But after about two weeks of investigation the IRS inspector general found nearly 750 back-up tapes containing nearly 33,000 emails belonging to Lerner.  Another 400 some-odd tapes are now being scrutinized for additional emails.

There appear to be at least two possible scenarios.  IRS officials are grossly incompetent when it comes to managing their information technology. Or IRS officials may have obstructed an investigation.  Officials have already admitted under oath they never actually attempted to look for Lerner’s emails.

We may soon learn what was in them.