3/3/15 Banging The Table


Hello.  I’m Mark Hyman.

There’s an old adage.  If the law’s on your side argue the law.  If the facts are on your side argue the facts.  If neither is on your side then bang on the table.

Kathleen McCarthy is banging the table.  With a gavel.   Because she’s a Michigan judge.

In the late 1980s, a single mother applied for financial assistance.  Michigan requires the father’s name of a single parent child in return for aid.  The woman told them Carnell Alexander was the father.

And she began receiving welfare.

A process server reported serving Alexander with papers alleging paternity.  But this didn’t happened.  Because Alexander was in jail at the time.

Years later, Alexander was arrested on an outstanding warrant for being a deadbeat dad.  This was a shock to him.

Alexander didn’t know the whereabouts of the mother.  Nor would the state tell him.

Years passed before he located the woman.  She came clean.  And agreed to a DNA test.  He wasn’t the father.

Armed with this evidence, Alexander went to court. Judge McCarthy ruled the facts immaterial.  In the eyes of the court he was the father.

Alexander was ordered to pay more than 30,000-dollars in back child support.

According to the National Family Justice Center, DNA tests show that 79% of the men named as the fathers in Detroit and Wayne County welfare cases are, in fact, not.

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