3/31/15 Visa Shenanigans


It’s a single whistle-blower who comes forward to allege government wrongdoing.  In rare cases, there might be a second whistleblower.

So last week’s Inspector General report from the Department of Homeland Security was explosive.  The IG reported more than 15 DHS employees came forward to blow the whistle on Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service.
[One public interest group has already requested the U.S. Justice Department launch an investigation of Mayorkas.]

A few weeks ago, I discussed the EB-5 visa program.  Each year up to 10,000 immigrants are immediately given Green Cards and are fast-tracked for U.S. citizenship.  I warned this program is ripe for abuse.

Abuse of the program is what the IG report alleges.

According to the IG, on several occasions Mayorkas worked “outside of the normal . . . process” and gave “special access and treatment to certain individuals and parties.”   Several times, the IG reports, Mayorkas overturned agency decisions and granted EB-5 visas to immigrants whose sponsors had ties to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The IG named those who benefitted from what the inspector called “unprecedented” actions as including Time Warner’s Hollywood movie studio; then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham; and gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

As the now-governor of the swing state of Virginia, McAuliffe would be a great friend to have if someone, say, wanted to run for president in 2016.

The IG noted the motivations of Mayorkas are unknown as much of his email, phone records, and calendar appointments are incomplete or missing.

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