3/26/15 Drug Money


A drug enforcement agent once told me.  You can be a casual drinker.  You can occasionally smoke marijuana.  But heroin.  Take it once and you’€™re hooked.

That’€™s how I view Congress and spending money.  Once they take that drug of reckless spending they’€™re addicted.

Last election, Congressional Republicans returned from the wilderness. They took control of both chambers of Congress for the first time since 2006.

As a party, they campaigned on being more responsible with spending than Democrats.  If they are then it’€™s only relative.  Perhaps they should have campaigned on the slogan “€œWe’€™ll take the nation to bankruptcy slower than our opponents.”€

The House GOP released its proposed budget last week.  Here’s their position.  “We’ll spend money we don’t have today with the promise of spending within our means. Later.”  Later never comes.  Future Congresses are not bound by the promises made by today’s Congress.  To be fair, the House budget is more thrifty than the president’s proposed budget.  Barely.

As a share of GDP, the House proposes spending of 20.3%.  Versus the president’€™s 21.3%.  Big whoop.  Both budgets propose deficit spending for as far as the eye can see.  Until later.  Which never arrives.

If only we could send all of Congress –€“ Republicans and Democrats –€“ to the world’€™s biggest rehab center.

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