3/25/14 American Royalty


A record number of unemployed.  Those in poverty have reached an all-time high.  Your dream of taking the kids on spring break to Disney World.  Or to visit grandma.  Is out of reach.

The other extreme are the Obamas.  Last week First Lady Michelle and the girls were on yet another extravagant vacation. You pay taxes so the Obama girls can live life large.

[Previous Obama vacations have cost taxpayers millions of dollars such as this one.  According to a White House source, Michelle Obama’s vacation trips cost U.S. taxpayers at least $10 million annually.  During a 2012 vacation trip, the Obama daughters and other relatives of the First Lady were listed on the flight manifest (here) as “senior staff.”  This was most likely to avoid required reimbursement for costs associated with personal travel.]

Last week, they stayed in a taxpayer-funded, $8,350 per night hotel suite in Beijing, China.  

The federal poverty level for an individual is $11,670.  For an entire year.  The Obamas blew through that in a single day and a half.  Not including room service.

Which they had. Since the room came with a 24-hour butler.

The average home in America is less than 2,200 square feet.  Two-thirds the size of the Obamas’ 3,400 square foot presidential suite.

None of the cost includes the dozens of rooms taken over at the Westin Beijing [Chaoyang] Hotel by Secret Service and White House staff.

And hotel staff said they were “fed-up” with the demanding Obamas.

At least this trip will cost less than the Obamas’ $100 million junket to Africa last year.

Your finances are tight.  The closest you’ll get to the Obamas’ Beijing vacation experience is a night of Chinese take-out.

This was the Obamas’ third taxpayer-funded vacation this year.  And March isn’t over.

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