3/18/14 Domestic Spying


The National Security Agency has collected the phone records of 315 million Americans, hacked email accounts, spied on Internet activity, cataloged credit card purchases, and captured personal data. 

We criticize countries that do the same thing to their citizens.

With few exceptions such as Senators Rand Paul [R-KY] and Ron Wyden [D-OR]. Members of Congress. House and Senate.  Democrat and Republican.  Have defended domestic spying.  They reason that every single American is a potential threat to US national security.

These are the names of a dozen people from around the country I’ve picked from online.  Not a single one will attempt to hijack a jetliner. Bring down a skyscraper. Or set off a suicide bomb.  Yet, Uncle Sam is spying on them.

Lee Leffingwell                   Austin, TX
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake    Baltimore, MD
Danny Jones            Charleston, WV
Michael Coleman        Columbus, OH
Knox White                Greenville, SC
Karl Dean                Nashville, TN
Mike Cornett            Oklahoma City, OK
Charlie Hales            Portland, OR
Ben McAdams            Salt Lake City, UT
Julian Castro            San Antonio, TX
Ed Murray                Seattle, WA
Jeri Muoio                West Palm Beach, FL

California Senator Dianne Feinstein — who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee — has been a staunch supporter of domestic spying. 

Until last week.

Feinstein claims CIA has been spying on her committee.

Now, she’s furious.  It’s a Constitutional crisis.  It violates the Fourth Amendment.  Other members of Congress have shown similar outrage.

But Congress isn’t outraged over domestic spying.  Only spying against them.

The US intelligence community was stunned when Russia invaded the Crimea.  Perhaps they wouldn’t have been surprised if they spent their time and resources focusing on known adversaries instead of spying on U.S. citizens.

And that list of Americans? They’re the mayors of those cities.  I wonder how they like being spied upon.

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