3/13/14 Fat & Hungry Kids


1.6 million fewer school children bought school lunches last school year [2012-2013] than the year before.  According to the Government Accountability Office.

This was also the year new lunch standards went into effect from the $12 billion Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

Some are packing lunches from home.   Others would rather go hungry.

School lunch reforms were pushed by Michelle Obama. Her goal of healthier, less obese children is admirable.  Yet, this is meaningless if children refuse to participate.

Children who are buying the lunches are throwing more in the trash because – as kids say – “the food tastes yucky.”

Healthy foods make a difference in combatting obesity.  But so does exercise.  And that has nearly evaporated from America’s schools.  Phys Ed classes and recess periods are being eliminated.

40 years ago child obesity was rare.  Even when cafeterias served meals federal bureaucrats wouldn’t allow today.  But that was when kids were allowed to run around playing tag, dodge ball and keep-away.

Many competitive recess games are now banned due to self-esteem issues.

Unable to burn off their rambunctious energy kids are told to sit still in class. And when they wiggle, jiggle and fidget they’re diagnosed as “hyperactive.” And parents are urged to medicate them.

So they can sit still.  And get fat.

Simply put.  The old ways were better.

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