3/11/14 American Work Ethic


There was a Cadillac commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.  It was a chest-thumping, rah-rah ain’t-America-great? kind-of-commercial.  Well, I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.  I love America.  Even with its warts and blemishes.

However, the liberal Huffington Post had a melt-down.  It called the commercial “a completely shameless celebration of our work-hard-buy-more culture, with a blanket dismissal of ‘other countries’€™ and their laziness tossed in for good measure.”

Maybe the commercial offended some sensitivities.  But hardly inaccurate. In 35 years, I’ve lived and traveled in dozens of countries.  A two-day pass to Disney’€™s Epcot Center isn’t the real world.

Here, we get frustrated when the repairman is 10 minutes late for his two-hour appointment window.  In Europe – good luck with him even showing up.  And in many cases you have to pay him on the side if you want him to actually do any work.

It’s worse in the Third World.  Everyone wants a bribe.

Taking the entire month of August for vacation as they do in Europe is enticing.  Unless you’€™re the one waiting a month for a business colleague to finish the already-overdue project.

I have no interest in buying a Cadillac. Or any GM product. I disagreed with the bail-out.  Government-owning a commercial business is more like Europe than America. 

But I loved the commercial. Because I still believe in the American dream.

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