2/4/16 Eminent Domain


I don’t know if Connecticut is the absolutely worst state when it comes to government officials abusing eminent domain.  But it’s pretty darn near the top.

The most notorious eminent domain seizure was the case of Kelo versus New London.  The Supreme Court agreed New London officials could seize the 15 homes of Suzette Kelo and her neighbors. The plan was for a giant pharmaceutical company to build an office complex.  City officials expected to get more tax revenue.

In the end, everyone lost.  After homes were bulldozed, the drug company walked away. What was once a vibrant neighborhood is now littered with trash and debris.

A year ago, the Connecticut transportation department seized the licenses of four bus companies that operate between New Britain and Hartford.  Why?  Because they were competition for a controversial state-owned bus service that was about to launch.

Now this. About an hour’s drive from the state capital, West Haven bureaucrats want to condemn a residential neighborhood.  Officials want the homes knocked-down to make way for a shopping mall.  The project will include about 100 stores and a half-dozen restaurants.  City officials expect to get more tax revenues from businesses than the mere homeowners who make up the community.

There is a cancer eating away at property rights in Connecticut. Citizens need to wake-up and take back their government.

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