2/25/16 California Cancer


I’m moisturizing.  This lotion has aloe vera in it.

But if you live in California you may not be able to do this.  Because the state may soon ban aloe vera.

Why, you ask?  Because the state’s Environmental Protection Agency decided aloe vera – a completely natural ingredient – may, may cause cancer.

This decision was based on one United Nations-sponsored study in which laboratory rodents were fed ridiculous amounts of aloe vera.  Critics say this study is deeply flawed.

Dozens of comments were filed regarding the EPA’s proposed actions.  Not one single comment – filed by individuals, healthcare entities and trade associations – supported the EPA.  They noted there’s not one documented case of anyone getting cancer from aloe vera. Some even included scientific studies that support just how safe aloe vera is to use.

The California agency responded it “cannot consider scientific arguments.”

Even one of the most prestigious cancer treatment centers in America doesn’t believe aloe vera causes cancer.

There’s a second reason why this action is troubling: trial lawyers.

A lawsuit is filed against a California business owner every two days.  This action by the California EPA opens the door for trial lawyers to sue anyone or any business that ever had anything to do with aloe vera.

The real cancer is the California EPA.

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