2/23/16 Apple Care


The battle between Apple and the FBI has been poorly reported.

First, Apple was ordered by a judge to facilitate data removal from an iPhone.  Apple doesn’t own that phone. The San Bernardino terrorist possessed it.  The county government owns it. This is equivalent to the police approaching the Johnson family.  “We’re about to execute a search of your neighbors.  Help us knock down their front door.”  It doesn’t work that way.

Second, Apple wasn’t asked to retrieve data and hand it over.  Instead, the FBI demanded Apple write software so the FBI can retrieve data.  This software can then be used on the other 94 million iPhones in America.

The intelligence and law enforcement communities have been demanding back-door keys to spy on encrypted systems without the owner’s knowledge.  Or a warrant.

Look at it this way. What if the police said to you, “We want keys to your home, the combination to your jewelry safe and your user IDs and passwords.  Just so we can periodically check up on you.”

Abusing access isn’t a hypothetical argument.  Long before Edward Snowden, a whistleblower reported the NSA was collecting emails, online purchases and other Internet data on all AT&T customers.  In violation of law.

And police departments have been secretly using the Stingray system to illegally snoop on private cell phones.

The FBI didn’t ask for iPhone data.  It wants the program –“ the master key — to access any iPhone.  Any time.  Without a warrant.

[The FBI should already know who Syed Farook possibly called on that cell phone.  First, the cellular phone service can provide info on every single call made to and from the phone.  Second is the metadata that NSA has been bulk collecting on every single phone call.  Remember, metadata, as claimed by the NSA, provides the agency with the phone numbers involved in a call and the duration of the call.  So, FBI claims that it does not know who Farook called after the last iCloud back-up are disingenuous.]

This should worry every American.

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