2/21/14 Conversation with Viewers


Last week, a segment elicited higher than normal response from viewers. Through the website.  And the newsroom.  Responses ranged from “reasoned, well thought-out news analysis” to “untruthful hyperbole, reminiscent of the Third Reich.”

The goal in commenting on controversial issues is to challenge conventional thinking.  Sometimes it elicits emotional responses.  Some valid.  Some not.  One viewer said there wasn’t a nuclear option.

Well, that’s not even a debatable point.

The primary focus of Behind the Headlines is to hold government accountable. Federal, state and local.  Regardless of who’s in charge.  If the media won’t then who will?

A few months back we highlighted the unanimous vote by the Seattle City Council to seize a private parking lot from its 103-year old owner using eminent domain.  And turn it into a city-owned lot.  That generated considerable response.  Nationally.  Not one comment in support of the city council.

200-year old rules injected bipartisanship into the Senate confirmation process.  That’s now been changed.  Just the other day, we mentioned the slew of ambassador nominees that were so unqualified that even liberal outlets such as The Daily Show and Slate criticized them.

Check out this Norwegian headline about our new ambassador: Future US envoy displays total ignorance of Norway.

A year ago, the Senate wouldn’t have confirmed him.  The nuclear option guaranteed him an ambassadorship.

The House, Senate and White House will eventually change parties.  Thoughtful criticism applies no matter which party’s in charge.

Some of you may not agree with Behind the Headlines.  But we welcome your comments.  And criticism.  Use the feedback page on our website.  Just go easy on the Nazi references.

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