2/20/14 Jobless Benefits


Washington discussions about once again extending unemployment insurance benefits are missing the point.  Unemployment is the symptom.

Spending billions more on unemployment is like placing a Band-Aid over an oozing infection.

Washington politicians are ignoring the actual problem: the economy.

Jobs are created by a growing economy.  The US economy took a major hit in 2008.  Failed policies have made it worse in the last five years.  By every single economic measure Americans are worse off  [and their situation is getting worse].

Government over-regulation; a punishing tax structure; exorbitant costs from ObamaCare; bloated government; and record-setting Americans out of work are strangling the economy.

Making matters worse is the massive government spending that creates incentives for able-bodied workers to not seek work and instead live on the dole.

The U.S. has the largest public debt.  In human history.  It’s doubled since 2007.  And continues growing.  Signaling even more trouble years ahead.

For two centuries, optimism was an American trait.  We always believed the next generation would be better off than we.  Now, for the first time in history, Americans no longer believe this

According to a Gallup poll, residents of all 50 states view the US economy in negative terms.  Only the District of Columbia –“ seat of the federal government and home to the federal workforce — has a positive view of the economy.

Washington hasn’t a clue.

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