2/2 – Go West


“Go West, young man, go west” was a phrase coined in the 1850s.  Some are following that advice today.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

United Van Lines released its 2016 movers study.  It tracks state-to-state migration patterns.  This includes the origin, destination and reason for each move.  In general, people are moving from the northeast to the west.  The south is also experiencing gains at the expense of the north.

According to the report, retirees are resettling in the Mountain states and the Pacific Northwest.  Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Nevada are high-destination states.

Retirement and job relocation are the most popular reasons given for moving to southern states.

New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania experienced the largest losses.

South Dakota was the highest inbound state.  68% of the moves were people resettling there.  At the other end of the spectrum with 63% of people moving outbound was New Jersey.

These figures align with Census Bureau numbers for population shift.

Better job opportunities is the most popular reason why people move for economic reasons.  Oftentimes they follow companies abandoning higher tax and higher regulatory states.

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