2/18/16 Afghanistan Collapse


We may be witnessing the final days of Afghanistan

Let’s be clear.  It’s been populated with warring tribes for centuries.  No one expected it to become an overnight success.

Still, there had been vast improvements following Operation Enduring Freedom.  This was the operation to strike back at Al Qaeda following the 9/11 attacks.  That operation was largely successful.  The Taliban was pretty much run out of business.

After investing eight years of American blood there was progress.  Government institutions and infrastructure were being built.  Afghanistan’s days as a refuge for terror groups were numbered.

But that’s all changed.  Afghanistan appears headed toward collapse. It’s sad because our role in Afghanistan came with a high cost.  Nearly two and a half-thousand American servicemen and women were killed.  No one wants U.S. troops in harm’s way forever.  But, common-sense should prevail.  We still have U.S. forces in Germany 70 years after the end of World War 2.

The announcement in 2009 of a hasty withdrawal gave the bad guys a date to circle on their calendars.  They’ve taken advantage of this.  The Taliban now controls more of the country than it has any time since 2001.

Government institutions have fallen apart.  Casualty rates among Afghan security forces have risen dramatically. Chaos reigns.

We may soon see the rise of another Islamic State.
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