2/18/14 Foreign Policy Illiterates


The world is complicated.  So we should have a buttoned-up foreign policy.  Unfortunately, we have unserious people in serious positions.

Ambassador James Dobbins, Assistant Defense Secretary Michael Dumont, and senior USAID official David Sampler — three Administration experts on Afghanistan policy — testified before Congress.

They couldn’€™t answer the two most basic questions:  How much does the US spend in Afghanistan? And how many American casualties were there?

[Watch this exchange here (start at 1:35:30)]

America’€™s top diplomat in Europe, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland blurted out €”F*** the EU”€ angering European leaders.  Did I say “€œdiplomat”€?

Ambassador-nominee George Tsunis –€“ a hotel operator who raised $989,000 for Obama –€“ testified at his confirmation hearing regarding Norway’s president.  Norway doesn’€™t have a president.  And he referred to the ruling government as “fringe elements” that “spew their hatred.” 

Check out this Norwegian headline: Future US envoy displays total ignorance of Norway.”

[Watch some of Tsunis’€™ embarrassing performance here.  More embarrassing confirmation behavior by Tsunis is also here.]

Colleen Bell babbled indecipherable nonsense in response to a question about U.S. strategic interests.  Bell produced The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera.  And raised $800,000 for Obama before he named her ambassador to Hungary. 

Some may doubt if Noah Mamet, who consults on green technology companies and raised half a million dollars for Obama’€™s election, could even find Argentina on map.  But he’€™s now our ambassador there.

[Consider an earlier Obama ambassadorial pick.  Nicole Avant, who represented the U.S. in the Bahamas, was absent from her post 40% of the time she was ambassador, according to a State Department Inspector General report.]

[Campaign bundler Howard Gutman, who raised $500,000 for Obama, told the European Jewish Union that Israel was responsible for anti-semitism, while he was serving as U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.]

[Cynthia Stroum, who Obama appointed to serve as Ambassador to Luxembourg, left the post after a scathing IG report about her performance.  Staffers at the sought-after European post lobbied for transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan rather than continue working for mercurial, political fundraiser who bundled $500,000 for Obama.]

[Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) resigned his Congressional office in order to become Obama’€™s ambassador to China –€“ a country often thought of as critical to U.., foreign policy.  During his confirmation hearing Baucus announced, “I’€™m no real expert on China.”€]

Dysfunctional illiterates have embarrassed themselves.  Now, they’™ll go abroad and embarrass our nation.

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