2/12/15 Overpaid


The median household income for a family of 4 in America is nearly $52,000.

In Illinois, it’s much higher.  Nearly $83,000.

But that amount doesn’t even come close to what some civil servants are being paid.

Top officials at dozens of Illinois towns and cities earn more than every single one of the nation’s governors.

Adam Andrzejewski, at Open the Books dot com, pored through the budgets and reported the numbers.

Consider that Christopher Stephens, who runs the convention center in Rosemont — population 4,200 — took home 240,000 dollars  last year.

Michael Ellis, city manager of the Village of Grayslake, population 21,000, was paid more than a quarter of a million dollars. He was paid 20% more than the mayor of Chicago.  Population 2.7 million.  About 130 times more people. 

Lawrence Hileman made nearly 300,000 dollars as the village manager of Glenview, population 45,000.

Some salaries are already exorbitant.  Then as we’ve reported in the past some local officials will get monstrous raises shortly before retirement.  Or incur questionable injuries [here].  Which oftentimes increases the size of their pensions.

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