2/11/14 Sex Party Trips


You’d remember a vacation when you’ve traveled abroad.

Bob Menendez claims he doesn’t remember his overseas trips.   He’s a Senator from New Jersey.

A year ago, a pair of teenaged girls from the Dominican Republic identified Menendez as having skipped out on paying them for sex when they were only 16 years old [here].

It’s a federal crime to travel to a foreign country to have sex with minors.

[Documents supporting allegations that Menendez traveled to the Dominican Republic to have sex with underage girls are here.]

But the allegations were a lie, Menendez claimed[Menendez said, “The smears are false.”  His spokesman called it a “completely false allegation.”] 

He denied the sex.  And the overseas trip. 

Then evidence was discovered.  Menendez traveled to the Dominican Republic the exact same dates as the teenagers alleged.  On the private jet of a campaign donor.  Which he forgot to disclose.  And failed to reimburse.  As required by federal law and Senate rules.

Uh-oh. Menendez forgot he took a second private jet trip.  And a third.  And forgot to reimburse the donor.  Who coincidentally is under federal investigation for fraud [here, here].

[The offices of Dr. Salomon Melgen, the campaign donor, were raided by the FBI. Not only for suspected Medicare fraud but also for the underage prostitution allegations. In 2012, Menendez pushed for US government aid for a company owned by Melgen that stands to receive up to one billion dollars in Dominican government contracts.  Some might think this situation is troubling since Menendez is the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He’s vulnerable to blackmail by foreign interests.]

So Menendez reimbursed the donor nearly $60,000 for the alleged sex-party trips he said he never took.

[Menendez reimbursed Melgen another $11,250 for the third private jet trip between Florida and New Jersey, which was to attend a series of political fundraisers.]

Menendez is under investigation for the underage sex claims, the private jet trips and, now, for ties to a pair of fugitive bankers

[He is also under a Senate ethics investigation.]

And that donor? He’s given nearly $100,000 to Menendez and his political group. And another $1,000,000 to political organizations with ties to Menendez [here].

You’d think the major news organizations would find this newsworthy.

[National news organizations should be focused on this if for no other reason than because of the rank hypocrisy of Menendez.  In the spring of 2012, Secret Service agents on official travel to Colombia hired prostitutes. The scandal broke when one agent didn’t pay his prostitute the agreed amount.  In a televised interview, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez denounced the agents’ behavior.  “If the facts are true, they should all be fired,” said Menendez in a televised interview.]

[Sadly, the FBI appears to be slow-rolling the Menendez investigation.]

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