2/06/14 Immigration Reform


Nigerian immigrant Kizzy Kalu and University of Southern California Ph.D. Philip Langerman will be sentenced this month for a fraudulent immigration scheme.

The pair were charging nurses from the Philippines nearly $7,000 each for H1-B visas to work in the U.S.  This is illegal.  H1-B costs are supposed to be picked up by the prospective employer.

The nurses were promised jobs earning as much as $72,000.

Instead, they were leased  — leased like property — to nursing facilities.  And were given a small allowance. 

Those who refused to cooperate would be deported.

Let’s break this down.

H1-B visas are for specialty occupations such as IT, engineering, medical, and lawyers.

85,000 of these visas are set-aside for 2014. 

However, there are no limits for H1-B visa holders who work in academia.

In the scheme, Kalu and Langerman requested H1-B visas on behalf of Denver, Colorado’s Adam University.  The immigrants would be teaching nurses.

One problem: Adam University exists in name only.  No campus. No teachers. No students.  State Department officials approved the bogus applications for the bogus university.

These government bureaucrats are supposed to be experts in this field.  They were easily duped.  Immigration reform should first start here  — in the State Department.

Now Kalu and Langerman appear headed to prison.  But the nursing facilities that were complicit and State Department officials who approved the fake scheme won’t be held accountable.

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