2/04/14 Banning the Bulb


Most everyone knows that the 100 and 75-watt incandescent bulbs were banned last year.  On January 1st, so were the 40 and 60-watt bulbs.

If you think the invention of Thomas Edison was the victim of hysterical environmentalists you’d be partially right.

Powerful interests behind the death of the incandescent light bulb were the very people who made them.  Big bulb-makers — General Electric, Philips and Sylvania — wanted to ban the bulb.

The manufacturers wanted to sell new bulbs: compact fluorescents and LEDs.  But these bulbs — costing $10 to $35 each — were not affordable to most Americans.  Not when you could buy a box of four incandescent bulbs for about a buck. 

One way to fix the problem was to eliminate the competition.  Big manufacturers teamed up with fringe groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council and successfully lobbied Congress for a ban.

In 2007, a law banning the affordable incandescent bulb was enthusiastically passed by 314 House Republicans and Democrats, 86 Senators and signed into law by President George Bush. 

This was back in the early days of the man-made global warming hoax when every Congressman wanted to be greener than the next guy.  And be cool like Al Gore.

It was Congress, environmentalists and big business that killed the incandescent bulb. And drove up costs for consumers.

(h/t Tim Carney)

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