1/8/15 Cuba Fugitives


In December, President Barack Obama announced a resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba. 

There’s a limit to what action Obama may take.   several issues are codified in federal law.  For example, the Cuba Democracy Act implemented a trade embargo.  It prohibits personal travel to Cuba.  Remittances the sending of money to Cuba is also prohibited.  Congress must be involved to unwind the law.

There’s at least one issue the president can and should address on his own.  Obama should insist Cuba hand over several U.S. fugitives that have been given refuge.

Top of the list is Joanne Chesimard who goes by the alias Assata Shakur.  Chesimard was a member of the BLA — the Black Liberation Army — an offshoot of the Black Panthers.  The BLA was one of the most violent domestic terrorist groups in the 1970s.

Chesimard was sentenced to prison for killing one New Jersey state trooper.   And the wounding of another.  She was suspected of a role in the ambush deaths of four other police officers: two white and two black.

Members of the Black Liberation Army busted Chesimard out of a New Jersey prison in 1979.  She fled to Cuba where she was given asylum.

It’s way past time Chesimard finish her prison sentence.

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