1/6/15 Poisonous Atmosphere


Hello.  I’m Mark Hyman.

A poisonous atmosphere exists between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD.

It follows the grand jury decision to not indict anyone over the death of Eric Garner.

The NYPD viewed comments de Blasio made as anti-cop.  It worsened when de Blasio disclosed he warned his biracial son of the “dangers” he faced from police officers.

Then de Blasio began meeting with Al Sharpton.  Who has a long history of fomenting racial and civil strife.  When Sharpton began his “no justice, no peace” chant at a recent rally it was not lost on New Yorkers this was the same chant Sharpton delivered in 1991 which preceded the anti-Semitic Crown Heights riot.

Then came the ambush slaying of two police officers.  Causing NYPD officers to turn their backs toward de Blasio in public appearances.  Arrests for petty crimes have fallen dramatically.

Last week, de Blasio reappointed Laura Johnson as a Brooklyn Criminal Court judge.  Days earlier, Johnson freed without bail two men accused of making death threats against police officers.  One man already had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Local media reports claim de Blasio has been privately urging New York Democrats to bash the NYPD.  At least one elected official has done just that.

And on New Year’s Eve, the New York Times published a blistering editorial that basically called New York cops crybabies.

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