1/5/16 Recruiting Video


Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a now-regrettable statement in the final Democratic debate of 2015.  She claimed ISIS was using Donald Trump in a recruiting video.

Afterwards, there was a mad dash to find proof.  No such luck.  No evidence of ISIS using Trump turned up.

However, we did find a prominent ISIS recruiting video.  This one was posted around Thanksgiving.  According to published reports, it was released in several languages.  Including English.

To be honest, the video is expertly and professionally crafted.  It’€™s filled with powerful animation and graphics.  It’s easy to understand why it would have appeal to those who believe the entire world should be subjugated to Islam.

Donald Trump is not featured in ISIS recruiting.  However, other prominent politicians are.  Including President Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton’s own-husband, Bill.

Titled “€œNo Respite,”€ this isn’€™t just a recruiting video.  ISIS taunts America to “€œbring it on.”€ It claims the U.S. military fights for the interests of politicians, liars and fornicators.  Bush is featured among the liars.  Bill Clinton is the prominent fornicator.

ISIS isn’€™t responding to any military actions, or political or cultural events. ISIS argues it’€™s compelled to fulfill Islam’€™s prophecy.  Its mission: to defeat non-believers in an epic battle signaling the end of days.

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