1/29/15 Iran Threat


Iran has been a bad actor on the world stage ever since the Jimmy Carter-era.  The State Department named it a state sponsor of terrorism.

Iran has financed Hamas, Hezbollah and other terror groups.

In recent years, Iran has aggressively pursued a nuclear weapons capability.  And a long-range missile program.

It’s one of the most destabilizing influences in the region.

So it’s difficult to understand actions by the Obama Administration.

After the midterm elections, President Obama began releasing to Iran billions of dollars in cash assets frozen since the 1979 US embassy seizure.  By the end of June, the U.S. will have released nearly $12 billion to Iran.

It gets worse.

The money is being released without any strings attached.  There are no prohibitions on how the money may be used.  Including its nuclear weapons program.  Or to finance terror operations.

There have been bipartisan calls by Congress to increase sanctions.  Obama invited British Prime Minister David Cameron to lobby against new sanctions.  And he’s threatened to veto even a bipartisan measure coming from the Hill.  The White House has signaled Obama’s intention to strike a deal with Iran that might exclude Congress.

None of this is welcome news.   It might end badly.

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