12/9/14 Travel Warnings


Just before Thanksgiving, the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning for El Salvador.

It called the Central American state “one of the most violent countries in the world.” 

It warned Americans about traveling there.  The homicide rate’s very high. Over 43 murders for every one-hundred thousand people.

A typical travel warning urges U.S. citizens to be alert.  Aware of their surroundings.  It emphasizes places such as hotels, cars, and garages.  They’re encouraged to travel in groups.    And avoid unguarded streets and parks.

Since November 1st, the State Department issued travel warnings for several other countries due to the threat of violence.

In addition to El Salvador, these countries and their homicide rates are:

El Salvador                                         43.3
Haiti                                                   39.3
Colombia                                           30.8
Democratic Republic of Congo           28.3
Central African Republic                    11.8

Now, consider this. 

The government doesn’t always warn Americans of every high risk location.

According to the FBI for cities with at least 100,000 people here’s the top five homicide list:

Detroit                                             45.2
New Orleans                                   41.4
Newark                                           40.3
St Louis                                           37.7
Baltimore                                         37.4

According to TripAdvisor.com, New Orleans is one of the nation’s top 5 travel destinations. 

But according to these statistics, it may be more dangerous than four violent Third World nations.

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