1/23/14 Bully of Trenton


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has had a rough 2014.  And January isn’t even over.

There was the revelation his administration shut-down lanes on the George Washington Bridge in order to punish the citizens of Fort Lee.  For months, Christie falsely claimed the bridge closure was due to a traffic study.

Christie has prided himself on being “hands-on” and “in-the-know.”  On this issue, he claimed he was completely ignorant.  Even if ongoing investigations prove this to be true there are deep concerns. 

Christie created an environment where senior administration officials thought it was funny they’d inconvenienced commuters, school buses, and emergency vehicles [here, here].

Now, we’ve learned the Christie Administration bypassed more affordable proposals and spent millions more on a tourism ad campaign.  That featured him and his family.  These ads financed with federal tax dollars — which we warned would be misspent — were shown in swing states such as Pennsylvania.  Important if someone wanted to,  let’s say, run for president in 2016.

Now more bad news.  According to a George Mason University study, New Jersey is the worst state in the entire nation when it comes to economic solvency.  Even Michigan with the Detroit bankruptcy and the economic basket-case of California aren’t as bad as New Jersey. It also has the nation’s worst per capita budget deficit.

Unfortunately for Christie, there are still 11 months left in the year.

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