12/30/14 The Right To Be Heard


Hello.  I’m Mark Hyman.

In the past couple of years I’ve visited dozens of cities.  Hosting live TV events.  Thousands have sat in our live audiences.

I’ve heard one complaint over and over: government doesn’t listen to the people.  It doesn’t matter whether those politicians and bureaucrats are federal, state or local.  I’ve heard this complaint in communities that lean left as well as right.

A couple of years ago I criticized Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.  He was attempting to keep private the government email addresses and phone numbers of state employees. In a chance meeting, I asked the governor why.  He told me the public was interrupting the work of state employees.

What Corbett failed to grasp is the public is not an interruption to the daily routine.  It’s the reason for it.

This may have contributed to the Republican governor’s landslide election defeat.  In the best election year for the GOP in decades.

Last spring, William Baer expressed his frustration at a Gilford, New Hampshire school board meeting.  Because parents weren’t notified a book that was required reading in his 14-year old daughter’s class included a graphic sexual encounter.

When Baer exceeded the board’s two-minute speaking limit he was arrested.

The other day, Circuit Court Judge James Carroll citing the First Amendment dismissed the three disorderly conduct charges.  He called the prosecution of Baer “€œchilling.”

See, the public does have a right to be heard.

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