12/29/15 Bad Days Ahead


Is there another recession around the corner?

There are worrisome economic indicators of what may be lurking ahead.

94 million people are still not in the labor force.  That’s a record high.  Less than 63 percent of the labor force is actually working.
There are other serious problems. 

Existing home sales and new home sales have both fallen.   Housing starts on rental properties — the affordable option for lower-income Americans — have tumbled.

U.S.  factory orders have been down for months.  15% in the past year.  The last two times they fell like this was leading into the 2001 and 2008 recessions.

Corporate profits are trending downward.

And start-up companies that have often fueled jobs growth are on a steady decline.  It’s a decline that began 15 years ago.

This mirrors the dramatic increase in deficit spending in Washington.

The national debt was five and a half trillion dollars in 2000.  Today, it’€™s nearly 19 trillion.
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