12/29/11 Dismantle the TSA


The Transportation Security Administration was created ten years ago.  It’s grown by 400% since then.

It employs 65,000 people – more than the Departments of Labor, Energy, Education, Housing & Urban Development and State.  Combined.  It has 4,000 headquarters personnel. 10,000 administrative staff.

It’s spent nearly $60 billion since it began.

TSA has not caught one terrorist.  Not one. Ever.

Yet, more than 25,000 security breaches have occurred on its watch.  However, TSA agents have stolen passengers’ valuables, committed rape, groped women, humiliated breast cancer survivors, strip-searched infants, bullied the elderly, fondled genitals and disassembled prosthetic devices on wounded military. They’ve made flying America’s worst travel experience.

Another thing.  TSA agents were originally hired as airport screeners.  But a few years ago, TSA issued them new uniforms, gave them badges and renamed them Transportation Security Officers.  They’re not federal law enforcement officers.

TSOs have no legal authority to detain or arrest anyone. They have no more authority over passengers than the mailman.  TSOs have less training than many private security guards.  Or even some mall cops. Even TSA’s relatively few Armed Security Officers who fly on airliners have only two days of training.  But they’re armed.

It’s an agency of gross incompetence.  It’s time to dismantle the TSA.