12/29 – Arsenic Time Bomb


Let’s hope the transition between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is neat and orderly.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Eight years ago was a professional transition.

But 2001 was another matter.

Bill Clinton’s staff behaved in a criminal manner when it left the White House.  A GAO investigation found missing doorknobs, broken furniture, telephones yanked from the wall, desks dumped on the floors, refrigerators unplugged filled with rotting food, obscene voice mail messages, graffiti on walls, and so on.

But the biggest damage came from Clinton.  He issued 11th hour executive orders, proclamations and regulations as time-bombs for George Bush.

[President Obama appears to have gone down the Clinton path of issuing last-moment executive orders, policies, regulations and actions (here, here, here, here, here)  In addition, Trump has accused Obama of making inflammatory remarks that have poisoned the transition process].

The one that got the most attention was lowering the safe level of arsenic in drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 10 parts.  The 50 parts was the standard for six decades.  And through Clinton’s 8 years as president. Water was safe to drink.  But Clinton lowered it hours before he left office.  Just to mess with Bush.

The cost to achieve the lower standard was astronomical. Consumers would have to spend hundreds of dollars more each year.

When Bush restored the standard to the original level he was attacked [here, here, here, here].  All part of Clinton’s plan.

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