12/27/16 – Open Door Policy


Another terror attack took innocent life in Berlin.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Attacks continue to occur here and abroad.  There are too many similarities.  The attacker is a Muslim immigrant.  Sometimes a refugee.  Who arrived in-country with no vetting.  Often authorities don’t know his background. Or relationships. Or who he’s associated with. Or what his long-term intentions are.

And when an attack occurs, Washington politicians act surprised.  And insist no one could have seen this coming.

In the last few years, we’ve had an open-door policy that invites anyone to settle here.  Federal authorities settle refugees in local communities and refuse to notify state officials.  They wouldn’t be trying to keep this a secret if they truly thought what they were doing was right.

Our nation’s history is rich with immigrants who’ve come to our shores and have made valuable contributions.  And we’re a better nation for it.  We shouldn’t just close our doors.

But we’ve entered troubling times.  Islamic radicals believe it’s their calling to convert or kill all non-believers.  To turn a blind-eye to those who fit this profile and to invite them into our communities is irresponsible.

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