12/27/12 Media Hypocrisy


There are a few groups that believe they’re better than everyone else.  Such as academics, entertainers, politicians and — yes — the media.

With the Sandy Hook school shooting still in the news it’s worth noting how hypocritical the media can be.

NBC’s David Gregory on Meet the Press mocked the idea of armed guards at schools.  Yet, he sends his children to one of the nation’s most expensive – and elite — private schools that has a security force of 11 – including 7 armed guards

[This doesn’t even include the armed Secret Service agents who are stationed at the school because the Obama daughters are students.]

[According to various reports, Gregory may have broken Washington, DC gun laws when he brandished on-air during “Meet the Press” a 30-round magazine that is banned in DC.]

David Gregory probably believes his children have greater human value than we mere commoners.

A few years back, entertainer Rosie O’Donnell worshiped at the same church of hypocrisy.  She led an event called the Million Mom March to oppose guns.

Yet, she thought nothing of employing a personal armed guard.

Last week, the White Plains, New York Journal-News published the name and address and an accompanying map of every person in the surrounding area with a handgun license.

There’s no real news value in this other than an attempt to embarrass, humiliate, or pressure these law-abiding citizens.  Or perhaps instigate something worse.

[Of note, the reporter who wrote the story has a handgun permit in the notoriously difficult to obtain jurisdiction of New York City. How did he manage that?]

[The Journal-News contact information is here.]

A clever blogger turned the tables.  He published the names, addresses and satellite images of the homes of the reporter, the publisher and the CEO of the parent company, Gannett.