12/25/12 Illinois’ 2nd District


Perhaps the country’s strangest voters live in Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District, located on Chicago’s southeast side.

In 1980, voters elected Gus Savage as Congressman.  Savage said only whites are capable of racism.  And he called-out “racist Jews” who donated to his opponent.  A 1990 investigation concluded Savage tried to force himself on a woman during a Congressional junket. Yet, House officials chose not to punish him.

Savage was defeated in the 1992 Democratic primary by Mel Reynolds.  In 1994, Reynolds was indicted for statutory rape of a 16-year old.  But was easily reelected. He resigned after he was convicted of rape.  Reynolds served time in state prison. Then in federal prison for bank fraud

He was pardoned by President Bill Clinton and immediately went to work for Jesse Jackson.

Whose son, Jesse Jackson, Jr. was elected to the seat in a 1995 special election. He was easily reelected this year even though he was hospitalized for a mental disorder. He resigned weeks ago reporting he is now under an ethics investigation

The leading candidate to replace Jackson is Donne Trotter who was arrested days ago for attempting to bring a handgun on a commercial flight.  Trotter is a staunch gun control advocate.  His main opponent for the seat? Convicted felon and rapist Mel Reynolds.