12/24/13 PolitiFact


PolitiFact is the Tampa Bay Times project that fact-checks political claims.

It named this it’s “Lie of the Year” for 2013.

“If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance.  Period.  End of story.” [President Barack Obama]

[Since its announcement, PolitiFact has congratulated itself for a job well-done.]

PolitiFact notes that it previously found in 2009 and 2012 Obamas claim to be half true.

But PolitiFact created a lie by omission.  Or it has amnesia.  

In 2008, PolitiFact rated Obamas claim to be completely true.  It argued all of Obama’s health insurance promises to be true. When nearly none of them were.

Honest brokers knew from the very beginning that Obama’s healthcare proposal was total hogwash.  But aided by outlets such as PolitiFact, he was able to perpetuate a lie until after he was safely reelected. And before it was obvious to the entire nation that he was behind the biggest consumer fraud in U.S. history.

PolitiFact even labeled as false statements by critics that noted Obama’s promise to be untrue.

Even after naming his statement Lie of the Year, PolitiFact goes to great lengths to defend the president claiming he was guilty of “oversimplifications.” It implies the insurance industry voluntarily made decisions that were actually required by law.  [See additional details below.]

The moral of the story?  As with Wikipedia, you wont know what fact or fiction you’ll find in PolitiFact.
[Additional details:

Even after labeling Obama’s claim the “Lie of the Year,” PolitiFact goes to great lengths to absolve the president from any blame.  Consider the following statement it made in its “Lie of the Year” designation that appeared to be an attempt to explain away Obama’s lie:

“Instead, he fought back against inaccurate attacks with his own oversimplifications. . .”

Next, PolitiFact attempted to imply that insurance companies made voluntary decisions that were actually required by law.  Here are two examples:

“It was likely that some private insurers would continue to force people to switch plans. . . [emphasis added].”

“Obama offered an administrative fix that same day, allowing state insurance commissioners to extend current plans. But only some have chosen to do so. [emphasis added].”

Not surprisingly, the usual Obama groupies and faux journalists such as Mother Jones magazine insist “Obama’s promise about keeping your health care plan actually has a lot of truth to it.”]

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