12/23/14 IRS Scandal


One of the most under-reported stories of the year is the IRS scandal.

Last year it was learned the IRS may have been used as a political weapon to target hundreds of conservative and Jewish non-profits.  Officials with White House ties appear to have been involved.

One person – Lois Lerner – has become something of a lightning rod.  She stormed out of a Congressional hearing refusing to testify.

Her emails were subpoenaed.  But the IRS claimed emails from a critical time period were lost.  Unrecoverable.  Back-up emails disappeared.  Her computer hard drive was destroyed.  As was her Blackberry.

It gets worse.  Reconstructing the emails from other sources was impractical  IRS officials claimed because the hard drives of a dozen other IRS employees were also destroyed.

This is probably one of those moments where you’re more likely to win the lottery – TWICE – than for all the identical emails from more than a dozen people to be coincidentally destroyed.

By the way.  All of this is in violation of federal law that mandates all government email must be preserved.

Then recently, the IRS admitted that Lerner’s emails do exist.  Officials admitted under oath they never attempted to look for her emails.

Meanwhile, in one of the many lawsuits over this the IRS was ordered by the court to turn over documents.  It did.  Less than one per cent.

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