12/22/15 Profiling


A chainsaw is a valuable tool in cutting down trees. But using it the wrong way could cause serious injury or death.  Misusing any tool can have negative consequences.

Profiling is a valuable tool in intelligence and law enforcement.  Unfortunately, it has been abused.  Some police officers have stopped motorists for DWB — driving while black.  This isn’t just illegal.  It’s unconstitutional.

But don’t end profiling because some have abused it.

Emerging evidence suggests anti-terrorism officials overlooked or perhaps ignored warning signs regarding the San Bernardino husband and wife terror team.

The man brought home from Saudi Arabia a woman who was essentially an Internet bride.  US officials approved her visa in spite of giving a fake address, posting social media comments favorable toward violent Islamic jihad, and ties to a radical cleric and notorious mosque.  Saudi Arabia and her birth country, Pakistan, have both produced countless Islamic jihadists.  All of these are clear warning signs.

[Update: The couple didn’t even produce the records requested of them; nonetheless, U.S. authorities still approved her fiancée visa.]

Yet there are suggestions federal authorities avoid any behavior that might be considered profiling of Muslims.  So they ignore obvious warning signs of those most likely to engage in violent Islamic jihad.  Or they go to the other extreme and treat everyone as if they are about to blow-up an airliner including cops, firefighters, military, the elderly, and infants, which makes the entire terror-screening process bloated, unmanageable and ineffective.

Profiling might have prevented the San Bernardino terror attack. 

[A report suggests even after it was apparent the attack was terrorism-related, the Obama Administration pressured the FBI to downplay the terrorism angle.]

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