12/20/16 Secure Elections


Some are in full panic mode over election security.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

An anonymous CIA official leaked the assessment Russians tried to intervene in last month’s election.  No evidence was offered. Ironically, those who are pushing this narrative [here, here, here] are the same who – before the election – ridiculed suggestions our elections aren’t very secure [here, here, here].

The FBI doesn’t agree with the CIA on Russian involvement.

[12/21/16 Update: According to the Washington Post, the FBI is now in agreement with the CIA that “individuals with connections to the Russian government … provided WikiLeaks” with emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee. U.S. Attorney-General Loretta Lynch confirmed there wasn’t Russian ‘technical interference’ in U.S. election systems.]

Meanwhile, a former British diplomat shot-down claims Russian agents gave Hillary Clinton emails given to WikiLeaks.  The diplomat said he received them from Democratic officials.  They were furious over alleged corruption by the Clinton Foundation.

[12/21/16 Update: The intelligence community assessment and the former British diplomat’s claim do not appear to contradict one another. Neither one suggests Russian agents were directly involved in hacked emails. Both appear to suggest a third-party was involved that may have had some “connection” to the Russian government.]

Let’s hope we discover the truth.

However, we do know this.  Officials in the state of Georgia traced multiple hack attempts of its voter database to the Department of Homeland Security.  DHS officials have not explained what the agency was doing.

[12/27/16 Update: West Virginia and Kentucky have also traced cyber attacks on voter databases and/or election systems to DHS.]

Elsewhere, a whistleblower has alleged Broward County Florida election workers were stuffing the ballot box.  Foreigners voted in Virginia.  And absentee ballots were cast by dead people in Colorado.

We must restore confidence in our election system.

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