12/20/12 The Race Card


I’m growing weary of people playing the race card.

The other day, ESPN’s Rob Parker was angered because Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin the 3rd spoke in colorblind terms while describing himself.  So Parker called RG3 a “cornball brother.” He suggested RG3 is an illegitimate black man because he has white fiancée.

Indianapolis radio host Amos Brown said South Carolina’s Tim Scott, soon-to-be the only black in the U.S. Senate, is “Black only in skin color” because he’s a Republican.

American Idol judges Steven Tyler and Nikki Minaj exchanged words over judging techniques.  So she called him a racist.

Nearly every prime-time MSNBC host makes racism allegations on a regular basis.  See examples on our website (here, here, here & here).

Michelle Obama told a radio audience there was widespread voter suppression on Election Day.  The only documented voter intimidation this year was a Black Panther outside a Philadelphia polling station.  Her comments were meant to create racial division.

The New York Times and other media outlets embarrassed themselves implying Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman was a white racist — until they learned he’s Hispanic.

If America is so racist then foreigners wouldn’t give their life savings to smugglers, or risk their lives in homemade sea-going rafts to journey here for a better life.