12/15/16 The King


The Department of Transportation is facing a class action lawsuit.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

For 25 years, DOT’s Federal Aviation Administration partnered with about three-dozen universities.  Anyone who graduated with the appropriate degree, passed a challenging test and had strong references became an air traffic controller candidate.

But a few years ago, the FAA deleted names from the candidate list.  College training and testing were no longer required. The FAA began hiring people off the street.  Even those with no college, no training, and no experience.  The reason was to hire more minorities.

The class action lawsuit represents as many as three and a half thousand candidates who were purged from the list. Twelve percent of those candidates removed were black. This is representative of society.

The Transportation Department argues it’s immune from legal action. It claims sovereign immunity.  The definition is the “king can do no wrong.”

That was a defense in European nations.  Led by kings.  Centuries ago.

It became a discarded defense in this country due to Supreme Court rulings and Congressional action.

The Mountain States Legal Foundation is representing the plaintiffs.

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