12/15/15 Media Bias


There’™s been an ongoing argument over media bias.  The fact of the matter is it exists.  Media bias is simply part of the American way-of-life.

To be more precise, media bias is prevalent worldwide.  Allow me to give you one example.

Last week, nearly 200 countries were represented at the Paris Climate Summit.  It was another progressive, feel-good moment.  Participants led by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned this was the final deadline to save the planet from extinction caused by man-made global warming.

Apparently, it was lost on everyone that several other deadlines have come and gone in the last decade.  

When the climate deal was announced, a reporter from the London-based newspaper, The Economist, tweeted out a video of the newsroom near the summit from which journalists could report on the proceedings.

As you can see here, journalists are screaming and jumping in excitement as if they were children on Christmas morning.  More to the point, they are totally invested in one-side of the story.

So how can anyone ever expect them to report honestly and fairly on the topic?

Media bias exists.
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