12/14/17 – Media Collusion


Worse than media bias is media collusion.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

The Washington Free Beacon learned a reporter privately met with the Democracy Alliance.

This closely-guarded group is comprised of millionaires and billionaires – like George Soros – who generously donate to Democratic campaigns and causes. The group met last month at an exclusive California resort. There were appearances by Democratic bigwigs such as Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris.

Washington Post reporter Janell Ross was on the agenda to discuss media strategy. Ross covers politics including the Trump Administration.

This is reminiscent of the JournOList.  Launched a decade ago, this was a private email list-serv used by hundreds of journalists, academics and liberal activists. They strategized over news coverage. What narratives should they promote?  What stories should they squelch? The goal was to create a news environment favorable to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama.  It included journalists from the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, Newsweek, and Time [here, here and here].

Virtually no prominent media critic reported on the JournOList after its existence was revealed except for a softball story in Politico which also had membership in the invitation-only group.

This brings us back to the Post’s Janell Ross.  It appears Ross crossed an ethical boundary by working with the very people and groups she might be expected to report on.

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