12/1/16 Lost Items


According to its website, a Secret Service agent has “a high level of responsibility” and “is worthy of trust and confidence.”

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

So, how did the agency’s 65-hundred agents, uniformed officers and support personnel lose or have stolen nearly 12,000 critical items since 2001?

These include laptops, tablets, cell phones, badges, and weapons. Even automobiles. The agency had 69 guns lost or stolen in just one year.

They’re not alone. The GAO examined wireless device accountability practices at 15 federal agencies.  It’s not just good business.  It’s federal law [40 USC § 11315].

Washington spends 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars on one and-a-half million cell phones and tablets each year.

Ten agencies had no idea how many devices they had or where they were.  For example, the IRS was clueless who possessed 29,000 cell phones.  But it was paying for them. With your money.

The federal government is notorious for not holding workers accountable for bad or irresponsible behavior.  Each year, ninety-nine percent of 2.8 million federal employees are graded “fully successful.”  Only three-tenths of one percent are graded “minimally successful.” One-tenth of a percent are deemed “unacceptable.”

Enough is enough.  Washington must improve.

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