12/1/15 The Chicago Way


Last year, Chicago police responded to a report of attempted car break-ins.  17-year old Laquan McDonald was fatally shot. There are no reports that Officer Jason Van Dyke — who allegedly shot McDonald 16 times — was ever disciplined.  Seven police officers witnessed what happened.

Officers allegedly erased about 90 minutes of outdoor surveillance video that captured the shooting.

President Barack Obama — who is quick to react when a white officer kills a black man — was uncharacteristically silent.  No orders for a Justice Department investigation.  No federal probe.

After losing a FOIA lawsuit, Chicago released police dashcam video under a judge’s order.  It’s too disturbing to show in its entirety.  Even after he was gunned down, someone continued firing at McDonald’s body.

Hours before the court-ordered video release, Officer Van Dyke was charged with murder.  Thirteen months after McDonald’s death.

[**Dec 5 update: Official statements submitted by fellow officers who witnessed Van Dyke’s shooting of McDonald gave false accounts of what happened.]

Its easy to conclude the officer may have never been charged if the video remained hidden from public view.  Audio is missing from the two dashcams that captured the shooting.  A glitch, police officials suggest.

After the shooting, the city paid McDonald’s family five million dollars.  Hush money, some argue.

But why cover-up this shooting?

Consider this.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel was locked in a close reelection race where the black vote could decide the outcome.

It’s easy to see why some people label Chicago a corrupt and crooked city.

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