1/21/14 Death of Kelly Thomas


Last week, Fullerton, California police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were acquitted of all charges in the 2011 beating death of street drifter Kelly Thomas.

[According to an Orange County Weekly website posting, Ramos was selling t-shirts with emblazoned with “Accused” on the front.  Following his acquittal, Cicinelli is attempting to win back his job.]
Thomas was a schizophrenic.  Most street people are not victims of a housing shortage.  They suffer from drug and alcohol problems.  Or mental illness.  Every cop in America knows this.
This is not one of cases of conflicting statements.  Surveillance video captured the incident.  Onlookers who recorded it on cell phone video thought the beating was excessive.  Watch the videos.  Draw your own conclusion.
Things didn’t get out of hand until Ramos snapped on his gloves, balled up his fists in front of Thomas face and said, “Now, you see my fists? … They’re getting ready to f*** you up.”
When it was over, six police officers were on top of Thomas.  He was kicked, kneed, punched and hit with a baton.  Cicinelli tasered Thomas several times.  And repeatedly struck him in the face with the taser.  Thomas went into a coma.  And died days later.  We have a photo on the website that’s too graphic and disturbing to show on TV. [***Warning! Very Graphic Photo Here***]
The defense argued the six armed officers were in fear of their lives from the shoeless, shirtless, slightly-built drifter.  A jury agreed.
There were a number of ways this could have ended.  But Kelly Thomas having been beaten to death should not have been one of them.

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