12/11/14 Domestic Violence


Domestic violence has been in the news a lot.

Considerable attention has been focused on getting more victims to report it.

But what about eliminating it?

There may not be a magical solution.  But there is one step that’s proven to dramatically reduce domestic violence.


Study after study has documented that marriage is a key step to reducing domestic violence against women.  And men.

76% of domestic violence victims are female.  24% male.

Every race, ethnicity and age group suffers from it.  Some more than others.

According to a Justice Department survey, women who were never married are four times more likely than married women to be victims of violence.  Women who are divorced or separated are five times as likely.

The most likely perpetrator of domestic violence is a current or former boyfriend.   Or girlfriend.  Spouses and ex-spouses are the least likely perpetrators.

Marital separation is the most dangerous group to be in.  Those men and women are 30 times more likely to experience intimate partner violence.

There is encouraging news.  Overall, the incident of domestic violence has fallen dramatically.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, intimate partner violence fell by 64% between 1994 and 2010.

But we still need to do better.

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