12/08/16 Christmas Gifts


Shopping for Christmas?

We recommend the Generations Dolls.  Each has a personal history.

John is from the World War II collection.

John lived through the Depression.  He dropped out of school and joined the Marines after Pearl Harbor.

He was wounded in Okinawa.

He married after the war, went to college on the GI bill, bought a home and raised a family.  He retired after 40 years at the factory.  He enjoys visiting with his grandchildren.  Including Heather.

She’s from the Millennial collection.  She graduated from college and will pursue a masters and a PhD.  She plans to teach.  Proving her grandpa wrong that there is a career for gender studies.

She’s on a gap year.  Two, actually.  She wants to receive her 104 weeks of unemployment compensation.  She experienced tragedy.  They misspelled her name on her 5th grade soccer team participation trophy.

She once boycotted classes because there weren’t ample trigger warnings in World History 101.  She missed the part when her grandpa fought ISIS in Japan.

She didn’t vote in the last election because there was a Kardashian perfume sale at the mall.

John costs six ninety-five.  It’s 40 dollars for Heather.  She’s worth it.

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