12/06/16 Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro is dead.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

It’s stunning so many western leaders [here, here, here, here, here] have praised Castro. In contrast, I defer to Alina Fernandez, Castro’s only daughter.

She said her father wasn’t just a dictator. He was a tyrant.

Castro embodied pure evil over 50 years but this is all you need to know. He slaughtered thousands of men, women and children who tried to flee the socialist nation. That says it all.

President Obama announced a resumption of diplomatic ties with Cuba two years ago.

The next president should take firm action on an issue President Obama ignored. He should insist Cuba hand over dozens of U.S. fugitives that have been given safe refuge. Some were accused or convicted of murder.

Top of the list is Joanne Chesimard.

She was sentenced to prison for killing one New Jersey state trooper.   And the wounding of another.  She was suspected of a role in the ambush deaths of four other police officers: two white and two black.


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