12/01/11 Starve the Beast


America is witnessing several European states economically collapse.  We can vividly see the roadmap for failure.  Yet, there are Washington politicians who insist on taking this same route.

The national debt was $10 trillion when George Bush left office.  It’s more than $15 trillion today and will increase nearly $10 trillion over the next 10 years.

All 535 members of Congress claim to support a balanced budget.  Yet, we haven’t seen one in years.

In August, Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling promising to cut spending in return.  It didn’t.  Last month Congress gave up trying to cut $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

Just think of it.  Congress will spend nearly $10 trillion it doesn’t have over the next decade.  But it can’t trim that total by 1.5 trillion.  Those should be the easiest cuts. Low-hanging fruit.  And Congress gave up.

This is because Democrats wildly overspend.  And Republicans mildly overspend.  Both parties spend way too much.  Maybe it’s because voters keep sending them back to DC.

Some have said Washington politicians spend money like drunken sailors.  But there’s a difference. Sailors spend their own money.  And they stop when it runs out.

This will only end when American voters starve the beast on the Potomac.  And clean-out all of Washington.