12/28/17 – Media Hysteria


Many of us in media are thoroughly embarrassed at how our industry is behaving.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Put aside for a moment whether or not you like Donald Trump.  It’s obvious some journalists and news outlets have gone completely off-the-rails.  Their hatred of Trump or anything associated with him is truly disturbing.

Consider this:

A CNN political analyst attacked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  April Ryan challenged Sanders if she really baked the Thanksgiving pie she posted on social media.  Ryan used the hashtag FakePie.

Politico contributing editor Virginia Heffernan broke the story that Donald Trump, Jr. allegedly used foul language in school.  Pre-school.  When he was three-years old.

The Huffington Post published a comedic investigation on how Trump shakes hands.  But it’s since followed it up with a series of bizarre reports criticizing Trump handshakes [here, here, here, here].

Newsweek accused Ivanka Trump of plagiarism.  More specifically, of plagiarizing herself.   Using one’s own work isn’t plagiarism.  Even middle schoolers know this.

It seems a week doesn’t go by without a major news outlet or two announcing a “bombshell” only to retract the story [here, here, here].

This is both disturbing and embarrassing.

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